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It can effectively protect against a variety of harmful chemicals (Type 3) and chemical liquid spray penetration (Type 4) that are directly sprayed and pressurized. The fabric is durable and cost-effective. It is an ideal choice for distributors, safety engineers and purchasing managers.

·The polymer formed by high-density polyethylene coated with polypropylene can provide effective protection against common inorganic chemicals and certain organic chemicals.
·The fabric is durable and can effectively protect a variety of chemical substances and dust particles.
·The color of the fabric is yellow with high visibility, which makes the wearer safer.
·This protective clothing can effectively resist a variety of harmful chemicals, such as 98% sulfuric acid, 10% formaldehyde aqueous solution and ethylene glycol.
·High-efficiency chemical hot-melt adhesive strips have been added to all the seams to prevent the penetration and penetration of chemical liquids.
Biohazard treatment, acid and alkali chemical treatment, pollution removal, disease/epidemic treatment, industrial cleaning and maintenance, petroleum treatment/storage tank cleaning, petrochemical and oil refining applications, sewage purification, nuclear industry radioactive particulate protection.

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