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Dry particles and liquid splash protective clothing Lightweight, good air permeability, and extremely cost-effective Type 5 6 protective clothing

·The outer layer is a high-quality microporous membrane, and the inner layer is a spunbonded polypropylene non-woven fabric, which can provide excellent penetration protection of dust, liquid, blood and pathogens carried by blood.
·High air permeability, reducing the generation of thermal stress.
·Fully elastic cap, ankle and cuffs to maximize comfort and protection.
·It is not easy to fluff the ball, which reduces the impact on the working environment, and is suitable for painting operations.
· KONZER2000B is also available for edging sewing on the sewing line to improve the protection level.
Biopharmaceutical, agricultural spraying, automotive industry, chemical treatment, clean room, electronic processing, hazardous substances, painting, printing, etc.

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